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Advisor provides expert configuration analysis.

Applicare Advisor analyzes your whole WebLogic environment, including your deployed applications, and generates a report of recommendations. Advisor uses embedded knowledge gathered by our BEA experts to tell you where you are not leveraging your WebLogic correctly and guides you to resolve those issues.

Advisor also guides by revealing best practices and where in your environment you can benefit from them. This is equivalent to having an expert evaluate your environment and provide feedback on how well you are leveraging your infrastructure.

Many times you have a production outage and you work with BEA Support to find out that there is a patch (CR) available to fix the issue. Advisor checks for all the applicable and relevant patches to your environment and provides you with the details on each. This gives you the ability to be proactive with patching and to fix issues before they occur. 
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"Applicare simplifies laborious and time consuming process of tuning WebLogic down to just a couple of clicks. In addition to its auto tuning capabilities, Applicare provides simple and efficient tools for monitoring WebLogic. With the best-practices knowledge that is embedded in Advisor and its root cause analysis capabilities, Applicare can help customers get a lot more out of their investment."

Robert Patrick
former Deputy CTO
BEA Systems, Inc.

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