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We embrace the ancient Japanese philosophy called kaizen (ky-ZEN). Those who follow it believe that no matter how flawless a process or design may seem, it can always be improved. We have based our company on this philosophy and our motto is “Constant Innovation.”

Our technology team is fully devoted to the development of the latest and most sophisticated products using the highest standards in engineering practices.
 Arcturus Management
Deepak Batra
Founder, CEO & Chairman
With 15 years experience in the IT industry, Mr. Batra has gathered a wide range of experience. Prior to co-founding Arcturus, Mr. Batra worked as an Architect with BEA Systems, Inc. In this capacity he led and managed various strategic initiatives at Fortune 500 companies and helped them craft enterprise solutions leveraging state of the art technologies. Prior to BEA, Mr. Batra provided independent IT Advisory services to various fortune 500 companies for many years.

Early in his career, he also founded and successfully ran an Investment Brokerage firm in India. He has worked closely with customers and understands their requirements first hand. Mr. Batra holds a BS degree with honors in Systems Management.

Dr. Douglas Wood
Cofounder and CTO
Dr. Douglas Wood has 25 years of experience in architecture of large complex systems. He has developed systems for a wide range of different applications including data acquisition, geo-physical modeling, environmental monitoring, acoustic signal processing, orbital systems, image processing, geospatial analysis and general information dissemination on private networks. His emphasis has been on measurement and modeling of the performance characteristics of distributed SOA and Net Centric systems

Dr. Wood has a Ph.D. in Physics. He is also an advisor to the US Department Defense.

Robert W. Rudzki
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Rudzki has thirty years experience leading and managing local, national and global software solution teams. He founded KIBAN Corporation, a professional services firm specializing in operational infrastructure solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Prior to that, Robert was Vice President, Professional Services at The Theory Center in Boston where he established and led consulting and education delivery teams in support of Enterprise Java Bean and application server product technology. Mr. Rudzki was Senior Director at BEA Systems, Inc., where he had responsibility for 100 technical and enterprise architects in the eastern U.S. and across Canada. Prior to BEA, Robert spent eleven years at Oracle Corporation where he held senior management positions in regional, national and global capacities.

Mr. Rudzki spent nine years in administrative computing at Carnegie Mellon University, where he led evaluation of technology alternatives to establish state-of-the-art computing architectures.

Shirley Phillips
Director of Product Marketing
Ms. Phillips holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and has 25 years of sales and marketing experience. She founded and managed the Jordan-Phillips Group, a property management firm which operated ski area properties. She is also the founder and managing director of a non-profit organization in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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"Applicare simplifies laborious and time consuming process of tuning WebLogic down to just a couple of clicks. In addition to its auto tuning capabilities, Applicare provides simple and efficient tools for monitoring WebLogic. With the best-practices knowledge that is embedded in Advisor and its root cause analysis capabilities, Applicare can help customers get a lot more out of their investment."

Robert Patrick
former Deputy CTO
BEA Systems, Inc.

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