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JVM Tuning is a complex but vital process in getting the best performance from an enterprise application. Heap Size, Garbage Collection mechanism and many other JVM Tunables impact WebLogic and enterprise application's performance significantly. If JVM is not tuned right, not only performance gets impacted, it often leads to outages?

Finding the right Garbage Collection mechanism, size of heap and other JVM settings, is a time consuming task. There are lots of choices for JVM optimization.
  • What should be the optimum size of heap for your application's best performance?
  • What should be the size of various generations (young, tenured, and perm) ?
  • What collector works best for your environment (Concurrent, Parallel, Compacting or deterministic collectors etc..) ?
  • How can I avoid lengthy garbage collection times and limit the pauses to an acceptable window?

Applicare JVM Optimizer makes Tuning of JVM as simple as one-two-three. You select your JVM in Applicare and let it try various options with its completely automated tuning process. Overnight, Applicare provides you recommendations on what JVM Settings get you most optimum performance from your enterprise application.

The Applicare J2EE Performance Tuning Process
JVM Tuning Process with Applicare
Applicare gives complete details on each scenario tried and clearly shows the JVM behavior associated with each of the settings, giving you full flexibility to analyze and draw your own conclusion (just in case you don't agree with ours).

JVM Tuning Reports Make Heap Tuning Analysis Easy
No more spending days and nights on getting the right JVM settings. Let Applicare find those for you.
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"Applicare simplifies laborious and time consuming process of tuning WebLogic down to just a couple of clicks. In addition to its auto tuning capabilities, Applicare provides simple and efficient tools for monitoring WebLogic. With the best-practices knowledge that is embedded in Advisor and its root cause analysis capabilities, Applicare can help customers get a lot more out of their investment."

Robert Patrick
former Deputy CTO
BEA Systems, Inc.

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