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Knoms (patent pending)

Knoms enable you to solve problems permanently, using your organization's own collective diagnostic knowledge.

A Knom is a small unit of code designed to identify bottlenecks, improve scalability, availability and performance, or detect and fix a problem.

Knowledge Module called ‘knom’ opens up Applicare to allow you to plug your own knowledge into the dynamic knowledge base. This means your own knowledge can be plugged into Advisor, Detector and Applicator, allowing you to customize the hands-free detection and fixing of your own unique runtime and configuration issues.

Adding your own knowledge allows you to reduce manual effort, and increase your effectiveness by automating repetitive compliance and troubleshooting tasks. Applicare provides you the framework for customized control, monitoring, reporting and fixing of issues. When conditions are detected, your Knom can change settings, kick off scripts, reports, send traps, emails, fix the problem, virtually anything you can think of, all on the fly.

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"Applicare simplifies laborious and time consuming process of tuning WebLogic down to just a couple of clicks. In addition to its auto tuning capabilities, Applicare provides simple and efficient tools for monitoring WebLogic. With the best-practices knowledge that is embedded in Advisor and its root cause analysis capabilities, Applicare can help customers get a lot more out of their investment."

Robert Patrick
former Deputy CTO
BEA Systems, Inc.

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